Video Memory stress Test 1.7


This test allow you to completely test your video RAM (accessible to
DirectX). The best way to check stability after overclocking ;)

"Video Memory stress Test for Clean Environment" is a separate program,
which must be launched via booting from a special boot disk. Detailed
information about it see in VMTCE folder of this archive.

Main difference from my old tool Artifact Locator is per-bit testing
(almost per-pixel), what allow to escape of usage of GDI and make possible to
use the bit masks almost color masks. Now tests in different color modes
performs in "background", without changing current video mode.

Now no any "show": only two progressbars and simple digits of the results.
In testing process the results field will filled by different information,
video RAM error messages has following view:

Error at [01ABCDEF]: must be FFFF, but found FFEF (bits: 0000000000010000)

Also after detection of the error will be increased counter "Errors found". All
other messages in results field is information-only and do not say about video
RAM errors.

On videocards with hundreds megabytes of video RAM full test set can to
work many hours. Express-test can be performed by selecting value "Small" or
"Express 15%" in field "Test set". First variant does not test memory with
walking bits. Second one performs test with all patterns, but process only
random 15% of created surfaces (different for each pattern and not less then
one in any case). "Small" test set is good for quick check of overall memory
integrity, "Express 15%" is better for quick stability test after overclocking.

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